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Have you ever heard of a man called Ross Geller? He doesn't like ice cream.

Geez, that what a douche you are. 
That wasn’t a question to be answered at all. And no, I do not know who that man is. Or Lady. 

Chili now cosplay another magical girl, that fits you perfectly! [But everything fits you so well]

If everything fits me so well, how am I possibly able to decide which one to wear?

And I don’t watch this kinda stuff! It’s for girls! 
So I wouldn’t know who actually does fit me… <:C 


Shhhh Chili shhhhhhhhhhh don’t jinx fate just don’t say another word


Your idea is an amazingly stupid idea!

I don’t know why you’d think any of us would like it.

Meh, why bothering myself with that.
Double messages will not only be simply deleted, the user will also be blocked. 

And yeah, all these stupid OOC replies, including this post will be deleted later. UvU


Seriously, stop sending in Hellos, this goes specific to other ask-blogs.
I do get your message and it’s not okay to send your message again and again every week in hope I will reply faster.

As the description says, this is not an RP Blog, so actually I will answer them stacked up anyway or in long distances.
But that’s the fewer important part.

The more important part is that I have tons of messages. My current message box holds 85 messages to be exact. And even though I answer them in random order, you may just have to wait till yours is in the line.

If I see people double messaging again from now on, I’ll simply DELETE BOTH messages from them. I don’t want to close my ask box, because, as I said, I answer in random order, so sometimes a new question asks something that motivates me to draw.

>Maybe, if you guys insist, I can make an extra RP Blog?